Jacob Latona

I'm a 28 year old self-taught software engineer based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I have used a wide array of languages and frameworks over the last decade, but now-a-days I finding myself writing full-stack web apps with Next.js/Typescript/Prisma/tRPC and TailwindCSS.

I also really like Rockets. There's going to be a launch in T-


Universe, Meet Dent.

Below you can find some recent stuff I have built and/or worked on to leave my little dent in the universe.


KardXP is a platform where you can generate dynamic QR codes linked to printables.


BYTZ is an open-source decentralized peer-to-peer currency featuring a Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm.


Binge is an immersive streaming platform created for the gaming universe.

Levels Guild

Levels is a leading World of Warcraft Guild and Stream Team.


NAFEA is a platform connecting highscool esports athletes to collegiate sponsorship opportunities.


R19.gg is a website housing esports tips/predictions/news and more.


My Career Journey so far.

Freelance Software Engineer

Self Employed

Software Engineer (Contract)

Division OLT


Esports Gaming Studio LLC

Software Engineer



Get in Touch.

Feel free to shoot me an email anytime!